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Experiences of a Public Health Intelligence Learning and Development Programme

on May 23, 2011 by Georgina Moulton in Learning and Development Evaluation, Comments (0)

Enhancing Public Health Intelligence Skills in North West England Author: Georgina Moulton ( The Programme In August 2009, NorthWest e-Health (NWeH) was approached to by the Greater Manchester Public […]


Bayesian Network Modelling of Factors Influencing the Development of Obesity

on May 17, 2011 by Georgina Moulton, David Hoyle and Nick Harding in Public Health, Comments (0)

Obesity – A Public Health Problem Obesity is a major public health problem. The prevalence has risen continuously over the past few decades and it is beginning to place […]


Exploring Obesity Atlas: a tool to analyse childhood obesity in your local region

on May 16, 2011 by Georgina Moulton and pjarvis in e-Lab, Comments (0)

Introduction to Obesity Atlas Presentation Hands-on Practical Objectives The aim of this short tutorial is to provide a hands-on experience of the Obesity Atlas software, and highlight both its […]


What is an e-Lab? How can it help you?

on by Georgina Moulton in e-Lab, Comments (0)

e-Lab enable analysts to stay embedded locally and achieve economy of scale through virtual teamwork. What is an e-Lab? An e-Lab is a shared workspace and professional social network […]